A Few Words From Fido:

Dear Mom and Dad;

Thank you so much for bringing me to Summer Sands so I can enjoy Wrightsville Beach with you, but there are a few things that will make me more comfortable and also ensure that I can come back with you in the future.

  • The only rooms that are dog-friendly are: 101, 103, 104, 105, 108, 206, 207, 208, 307, and 308.
  • It only costs:
    • 1-7 days $15 per day
    • Over 7 days with management approval only
  • Damage deposit is $100 (refundable with in 24 hours because you know I will be good).
  • If you leave me in the room by myself I really feel better in my crate. If you did not bring mine they do have a few you can use (but call first). Don’t leave me in the bathroom, I don’t know where I am and it makes me very nervous and I might bark and scratch the door.
  • Please remember to bring my special blanket that I can use when I am in a strange place. If I do get on furniture at our house you can be sure I will do so here. Please ask the front desk for an extra sheet to cover the sofa or bed. I know you LOVE me, but the next guest or the housekeeper does not LOVE me like you do!
  • If we are here between October and April then we can walk on the beach together as long as I am on a leash. If it is after April I can only go around The Loop and everywhere else BUT the beach. I know that makes me sad too, but there are a lot of people and it is really hot. Just don’t leave me for too long in the room because I will miss you and will really need to go…
  • I also do not feel comfortable out by the pool, there is no shade and I might try and jump in the pool. That might get us both in trouble so let’s just stay away from the pool area.
  • Last thing: please clean-up after me. You know I would if I could. Bring our special bags and be considerate of other people and their pets when taking me for walks around Summer Sands and Wrightsville Beach. I think they are all very dog friendly here and I will be on my best behavior so we can come back again and again.

So put your paw print below so we both know all the rules.







Room & Reservation Numbers

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