A Few Words From Fido:

Dear Mom and Dad;

Thank you so much for bringing me to Summer Sands so I can enjoy Wrightsville Beach with you, but there are a few things that will make me more comfortable and also ensure that I can come back with you in the future.

  • The only rooms that are dog-friendly are: 101, 103, 104, 105, 108, 206, 207, 208, 307, and 308.
  • It only costs:
    • 1-7 days $15 per day
    • Over 7 days with management approval only
  • Damage deposit is $100 (refundable with in 24 hours because you know I will be good).
  • If you leave me in the room by myself I really feel better in my crate. If you did not bring mine they do have a few you can use (but call first). Don’t leave me in the bathroom, I don’t know where I am and it makes me very nervous and I might bark and scratch the door.
  • Please remember to bring my special blanket that I can use when I am in a strange place. If I do get on furniture at our house you can be sure I will do so here. Please ask the front desk for an extra sheet to cover the sofa or bed. I know you LOVE me, but the next guest or the housekeeper does not LOVE me like you do!
  • If we are here between October and April then we can walk on the beach together as long as I am on a leash. If it is after April I can only go around The Loop and everywhere else BUT the beach. I know that makes me sad too, but there are a lot of people and it is really hot. Just don’t leave me for too long in the room because I will miss you and will really need to go…
  • I also do not feel comfortable out by the pool, there is no shade and I might try and jump in the pool. That might get us both in trouble so let’s just stay away from the pool area.
  • Last thing: please clean-up after me. You know I would if I could. Bring our special bags and be considerate of other people and their pets when taking me for walks around Summer Sands and Wrightsville Beach. I think they are all very dog friendly here and I will be on my best behavior so we can come back again and again.

So put your paw print below so we both know all the rules.







Room & Reservation Numbers

Contact Summer Sands


104 South Lumina Avenue
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

Office Hours: 7AM - 11PM



Wrightsville Beach was the target for Hurricane Florence.  The eye passed directly over our island.  While many of the homes and business did not suffer significant damages, the entire region has been impacted.  Our Summer Sands staff are putting their personal lives in order as we try to get back to normal.

There was no major damage here at Summer Sands, but we do have some work to do.  We want to get our guests back soon, but we will need to take the month of October to clean, repair and replace whatever is necessary.  We want to give our guests the clean, comfortable suites they have come to expect from us.  We miss you and we will see you all soon.

I will update our blog and Facebook with our progress.